Watch What Happens When A Hookup Comes Between The 'Indoor Boys'

The lines are blurred even further on the second episode of the queer web series.

Two gay pals have their friendship hilariously tested by a one-night stand in the second episode of “Indoor Boys,” the new web series debuting exclusively on HuffPost Queer Voices. 

In “Husband Material,” Nate (Alex Wyse) finds his roommate Luke (Wesley Taylor) cuddled up in bed with a hunky dancer, Matteo (guest star Darren Bluestone), after a night on the town. The hookup throws a wrench into Nate’s plans, given that he and Luke came close to consummating their relationship in last week’s episode, “See What I’m Up To.” Though Nate puts on a brave face as the three guys sit down to breakfast, his sniffy retorts suggest an ulterior motive. (Watch the full episode above.) 

Wyse (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “/www.netflix.com/title/80002612"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">Marvel’s Iron Fist”) and Taylor (“/www.nbc.com/smash?nbc=1"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">Smash,” “/www.hbo.com/looking"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">Looking”) share writing and directorial duties on “Indoor Boys,” which premiered on HuffPost Queer Voices July 16. The first season of the show, which will comprise eight episodes, explores how “the gray area that is so often the friendship between gay men... can walk the line between friend and relationship,” Wyse told HuffPost.  

If you missed the premiere episode of “Indoor Boys,” check it out here

Be sure to tune in next Sunday, July 30, for the third episode of “Inside Boys.” The remaining episodes will also debut Sundays on HuffPost Queer Voices.