The 'Indoor Boys' Escape To New York In Season 2 Of Acclaimed Series

It's a family affair for odd couple Luke and Nate in the Big Apple.

The city is different, but the romantic tension remains high in Season 2 of “Indoor Boys,” the award-winning web series that hilariously examines the challenges of gay male friendship in the era of social media. 

In the second season’s debut episode, “Jonesin,‘” Nate (Alex Wyse) follows his best friend and former roommate, Luke (Wesley Taylor), to New York under the guise of a family reunion. Having previously shared a Los Angeles apartment, the guys consummated their relationship at the end of the series’ first season. Five months later, both are happily dating other men ... but chemistry is chemistry, after all. (Check out “Jonesin’” above.) 

The drama continues in “All My Sons,” which introduces viewers to Luke’s boyfriend, Rusty (Kyle Harris). Meanwhile, Nate’s mother, Ellen (Carolee Carmello), joyously embraces Luke, much to her own son’s chagrin. (Catch “All My Sons” below.) 

Once again, Wyse (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Marvel’s Iron Fist”) and Taylor (“Smash,” “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical”) share writing and directorial duties on “Indoor Boys.” After premiering on HuffPost last year, the show won two 2018 Indie Series Awards, including one for Wyse, who was named Best Lead Actor in a Comedy.  

The series, Wyse said, aims to explore how “the gray area that is so often the friendship between gay men ... can walk the line between friend and relationship.”

The drama continues on Monday, July 2, with two more episodes of “Indoor Boys” on HuffPost. Be sure to tune in. 

You can catch older episodes of “Indoor Boys” here.