These Electric Indoor Grills On Amazon Under $100 Are Pretty Smoking

Bring the great outdoors inside with these electric indoor grills that are all under $100 and on Amazon.

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We don't want to fan the flames, but these electric indoor grills are really well done.
We don't want to fan the flames, but these electric indoor grills are really well done.

There’s a lot to love about summer — inflatable pools to dip your toes into, swimsuits on sale and, of course, lying in a lawn chair with a beach read on hand.

One of the things you might look forward to when the warm weather finally comes around is grilling everything — whether it’s having the just-right sizzle on a steak, getting grill marks on salmon or searing a plate of veggies.

But if you’re stuck in a small space, you might not have a balcony, patio or backyard big enough to fit a standard grill.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up grilling. There are lots of electric indoor grills that’ll do the trick — and don’t need special sponges and brushes to clean, either. You’ll get the taste of the grill without having to actually set foot outside.

We’ve spotted lots of electric indoor grills at Amazon, including a version of the classic George Forman grill that you probably remember your parents using and a Hamilton Beach searing grill with a clear window so you can tell when something’s done and, well, well done, too.

So you self-proclaimed grill masters can feel the heat to your heart’s content with these indoor grills that are all under $100 at Amazon.

Check out these affordable indoor grills at Amazon.

Maxi-Matic Indoor Electric Nonstick Grill
This electric grill features a 14-inch grilling surface, thermostat control and five different heat settings. Plus, all parts on this grill are detachable and safe for the dishwasher. Find it for $30 at Amazon.
Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill
Gotham Steel's electric grill has four different heat settings, cool-touch handles and a removable grease catcher. Just add asparagus. Find it for $40 on Amazon.
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill
For searing vegetables and meats, you can't go wrong with this Hamilton Beach grill. It can go up to 450 degrees and has a clear window so you can see what's cooking. Oh, and this grill's a serious favorite, with more than 3,600 reviews. Find it for $70 at Amazon.
Cuisinart Griddler
This contraption from Cuisinart works as a griddle and a grill. So you can cook bacon and eggs like at a diner and get grill marks on a burger. The temperature controls have indicator lights, too. It's probably the most reviewed grill on our list, with more than 11,000 reviews. Find it for $70 at Amazon.
Presto Cool-Touch Electric Indoor Grill
This indoor grill from Presto has a drip tray for grease and a cool-to-the-touch base on both the back and front. And it comes with its own spatula. Find it for $35 at Amazon.
Ovente Electric Indoor Grill With Nonstick Plate
This grill has a removable nonstick cooking plate, which makes for easy cleanup. Find it for $30 at Amazon.
George Foreman Classic Plate Electric Indoor Grill And Panini Press
It's a classic for a reason: You probably remember your parents using a grill like this one. This George Foreman grill and panini press can cook up two servings, making it ideal for a small space. With a nonstick coating, you won't sweat too much with this pick. Find it for $19 at Amazon.
Chefman Electric Indoor Grill Pot And Skillet
There are lots of possibilities with this grill pot and skillet, which can slow cook, steam and simmer, along with giving your meals grill marks. With its clear lid, you can keep checking to see when dinner's ready. Find it for $35 at Amazon.
Proctor Silex 5-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill, Griddle And Panini Press
This 5-in-1 indoor grill can do just about anything. With reversible plates, it can turn into either a grill or a griddle. You can make sure the temperature's right since it has illuminated indicator lights. And you can choose between low and high temperatures, too. Find it for $65 at Amazon.
MegaChef Reversible Indoor Grill And Griddle
Like some of the grills here, this MegaChef machine can be both grill and griddle. It's got a removable glass lid with a handle. You just have to wipe it clean with a cloth when you're done grilling. Find it for $47. It's on back order until July 17.
Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill
This electric grill from Zojirushi will come apart easily when it's time to clean and has a drip tray that you can put in the dishwasher. It's got cool-touch handles as well. Find it for $97 at Amazon.
Dash Mini Maker Portable Grill Machine
Don't let the word "mini" fool you — this portable grill is perfect for the smallest of spaces but can cook just about anything. You can make a breakfast sandwich, panino or burger on it. And this mighty machine has more than 1,000 reviews. Find it for $15 at Amazon.

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