In-door Flowers That Need Little Light To Make Your Home Beautiful

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A home is supposed to be the one place you can't wait to get back to after a daunting day at work. A world where you and loved ones sit in to breathe the clean air and enjoy the lovely sights and feelings that float around in the air. It almost reminds me of how Tip and Oh fought for their home because she loved the comfort and warmth that filled their space. One of the fastest ways to achieve such pristine touch in your home is to have a little garden in which you can write, knit, breathe, think or just relax.

With the amount of time one spends working and taking care of others, it's almost hard to own a garden and maintain it as regularly as possible. Most opt for flowers that need a little sunlight and maintenance but still exudes the delightful aura one craves for in a home. Here are a few examples of flowers that thrive with little amount of light and still beautifies your home in more ways than one.

The Dogwood - This variety of flowers are capable of tolerating partial to totally shaded conditions. This is especially glorious in autumn season as the reddish-purple colour is almost synonymous with the season.

The Begonia- Nothing looks as pretty as the Begonia when grown indoors, in pots, and flower beds. The beauty is in the variety of colours and whether red, pink, yellow or white, this flower is sure to give your home an enviable yet relaxing feel.

Forget-Me-Not- It's name is so unique and bespoke, it's almost impossible to forget this flower. The significant blue hue in them gives a natural aesthetic that's beautiful and memorable. Your garden, however shady, will come alive with this flower. The amazing thing is that it's a low maintenance flower and can literally grow without asking too much of your attention.

Bleeding heart: Even with such a touching title, this flower brings life to your indoor garden. In its unique way, it reminds me of springtime. It's beautifully shaped like a heart and come in shades of pink. Interestingly, this flower florishes best, in a cool and moist environment. After a long day at work, coming home can be such a beautiful experience with this beauty in your home.

Hibiscus- This flower should be one of my favorite if I'm allowed to have one. Though they're not of a long-lasting variety, they are incredibly lovely to look at and can be found in shades of pink, yellow, red and orange. The Hibiscus in your home brings a colourful hue and deeply warm feel that's hard to deny.

Flowers that thrive without much light abound and you should definitely make your choice. In a world where everything seems constantly moving, you owe yourself some hours of quiet bliss in a relaxing and colourful indoor garden.