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Fans are already buzzing about the next installment in the Star Wars saga, and now we've got new rumors that Indiana Jones might be returning to the big screen... Hold on to your acid-washed jeans, because the 1980s are coming back in a big way. Culturalist's list makers are wondering: of all of the blockbuster adventure movies made in the '80s, which are the best? You can weigh in by making your own list of the Top 10 Best '80s Adventure Movies now!

The Empire Strikes Back
Vader hunts the rebels across the galaxy, while Luke embraces his destiny as a Jedi...and gets ready for the lightsaber battle that will define a generation. Will the new slate of films be able to topple Empire from its spot as the best Star Wars movie?

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Few films have done as much for academia as Raiders with its faithfully accurate depiction of the life of a professor of archaeology at a small liberal arts college. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may have received a mixed response from fans, but the Indy franchise still has plenty left in the tank.

Back to the Future
Wanna feel old? Back to the Future's release is as long ago from today as the 'Enchantment Under the Sea' dance was from Marty McFly's 1985. Time-traveling cars may not be on the market yet, but don't let that stop you from going back to Back to rank it on your list.

The Princess Bride
It's a classic tale: farmboy meets girl, boy becomes Dread Pirate, girl sort-of-marries a prince...but is abducted by outlaws, from whom she is (again) abducted by the aforementioned Dread Pirate/farmboy...throw in some unusually-large rodents and a villain with a non-standard number of fingers, and you've got yourself one of the most beloved movies of the past 30 years. Does The Princess Bride make it on to your list?

Which big screen classic will come out on top? Join the conversation by making your own list of the Top 10 Best '80s Adventure Movies now!