Ines Sainz DECLINES Naked Playboy Photoshoot

Harassed Reporter Addresses Nude Photo Request

Ines Sainz, the Azteca TV reporter who became the center of a sports media firestorm after she was allegedly harassed at a New York Jets practice in September, has addressed the latest question concerning her newfound U.S. fame.

Playboy expressed interest in running naked pictures of the 32-year-old sportscaster, who was mocked by at least one NFL player and called "bootylicious" by Rush Limbaugh.

But don't expect to see Sainz strip down anytime soon. According to a translation, Sainz tweeted, "Never!" and "No way!" in regards to the Playboy offer. Partaking in such a photo shoot would "not go with my principles," she wrote.

Sainz is slated to take on a new job, however. She will cover the November 13 boxing match between Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao, according to

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