19 Inexpensive Ways To Fix Up Your Kitchen (PHOTOS)

19 Inexpensive Ways To Fix Up Your Kitchen

You may not be able to swap out the horrible laminate '80s cabinets just yet -- but that doesn't mean you can't turn your kitchen into a more stylish version of itself. Here are our favorite simple-but-inexpensive fixes for the most functional room in your home.

Display Artwork
Bring In Fresh Flowers (And/Or Fruit)
Add A Temporary Island (If There's Room)
Photo by John Gillooly/PEI
Get A Colorful Floor Mat
Photo by John Gillooly/PEI
Hang Up Your Pots And Pans
Treat Utensils As Art By Corralling Them In Nice Containers
Photo by John Gillooly/PEI
Install A Few Small Shelves
Photo by John Gillooly/PEI
Create A Dedicated Spot For Fido (So You Won't Have To Trip Over His Dishes)
Use A Desk Lamp As Task Lighting
New Drawer Organizers = Less Junk On Your Counters
Add Interesting New Drawer Pulls Or Cabinet Handles
Stick On A Blackboard
Or, Stick On A New Tiled Backsplash
If You're Talented: Design A Washi Tape Mural
Hang A Few Nice Plates On The Wall
Use Nice Glass Jars For Organizing
"Paper" The Inside Of Your Cabinets With Designer Shelf Liner
Rethink Kitchen Curtains
Or, Change Up Your Shade
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