Infant Death At Downtown Art Walk: Petition Started To Close Streets

A petition has launched to close the streets of the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk following the death of an infant at the event last week, reports LAist.

Two-month-old Marcello Vasquez was in a stroller on a sidewalk when a car jumped the curb and hit him and his mother, HuffPost reported last week. He later died of his injuries.

In light of this tragic accident, artist and studio owner Victor Wilde has started a petition to close the area to traffic during the monthly event.

Wilde told the Los Angeles Times that with the Art Walk growing in popularity, "you go out on the sidewalk and it feels like you are just getting sent down a river because there are so many people -– it's like a raging rapid. Something needs to be done, if it keeps up like this, another tragedy could happen, so why not take cars out of the mix?"

The petition states:

As some of you may know a tragedy occurred at the Art Walk on July 15th. A child was run over while a person was parking their car. Art Walk has become too crowded and dangerous to allow cars on the street. I propose to send this petition to the city council for the streets to be closed during art walk hours between Spring St. and Main St. from 2nd St. to 8th St.

The petition has 355 signatures as of Wednesday morning.