Infertility on Mother's Day: How You Can Help

Infertility on Mother's Day: How You Can Help
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Mother's day can be one of the most heartbreaking days of the year for a woman who has struggled to conceive a child. This is the day that women all across the world who are mothers are recognized and honored for the one thing that a woman struggling with infertility has been praying for, pleading with and at times even sacrificing her life for. With all of the reminders in the media and in the retail sector to name a few, there is no shortage of indicators that the one dream that a woman struggling with infertility yearns for the most, the title of "Mother" has not yet been realized.

This Mother's Day, I invite you to find a way to acknowledge and honor the women who are fighting for the beautiful privilege of creating a life. Whether it is for someone that you know personally, or simply for the community at large, your voice, your kind gestures and your time can make a massive difference in the lives of those suffering from this painful condition. Below are some ways that you can make a difference, this Mother's Day.

Ask One Simple Question

"How can I support you?" - These are the words that I most needed to hear when I was on my own challenging journey. Support means different things to different people and although I had many people around me trying to help me in their own way, ultimately, more often than not, their definition of support came across in the opposite way that they had intended for it too, and ended up causing me so much pain. Ask the question and let your loved one guide you on what comes next. There is nothing more comforting on a day like this one than someone who takes the time to hear what you need and does their personal best to have those needs met.

Send a Thoughtful Note

Send a letter, an email or a text, letting your loved one know that you are thinking about them on this day in particular. Although this will most likely stir up a great deal of emotion, ultimately just knowing that you have taken the opportunity and the time to think of them, can bring them a great deal of solace.

Get Community Support

Ask your local temple, church or other community platform to acknowledge women and couples struggling with infertility. Although this may not directly impact your friend or family member who is struggling with infertility, it will give support and acknowledgement to others fighting this emotionally debilitating disease.

Acknowledge Your Blessings

I know through my work with the many women who struggle to become a mom, and because of my own experiences, that the emotional triggers are endless. Hearing women complain about the challenges of motherhood in their presence, makes a painful situation much more unbearable for them. More than anything, they appreciate seeing women who truly understand and value the gift of having become a mother.

For all of the women who are reading this who are mothers, whether by choice or by default, please know the magnitude of the blessing that has been given to you and never take the great privilege of motherhood for granted, I know I don't.

Melody Pourmoradi is a Women's Wellness & Lifestyle Coach. She thrives on supporting women to nourish themselves mind, body & soul to become the best version of themselves. Through one-on-one fertility coaching sessions, she calls on her own experiences to help women mindfully navigate their own journey. She currently lives in NY with her husband and her beloved twin daughters.