Sleep with My Husband... Go On, I Dare You

How low would you go to catch your partner cheating?
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How low would you go to catch your husband cheating? I'm flying without a net here, because it never occurred to me to try. My jaw was on the floor when we saw this week's story on Coffee Shop Confessions. The mom this week was so sure that her husband still carried a torch for his ex-girlfriend that she faked a Facebook profile and sent him dirty messages. When I tweeted my shock, someone wrote back that Facebook is now implicated in 40% of divorce cases. 40%? I couldn't believe it and turned to my good friend Google to check it out. The numbers vary, but there are plenty of articles out there claiming social media as a factor in a third of all cases, 40%, 50%, etc. Apparently our desire to share the ridiculous minutiae of our lives is so intense it supersedes propriety. Of course I wouldn't know anything about that, having willingly starred on a reality show for years! Wherever the information comes from, social media creates a fertile field of opportunity for divorce and custody lawyers.

What kills me about this week's episode is this -- the wife chose a real human being. She didn't lift a picture of a swimsuit model and make up an alter ego. She started a profile for a genuine person from her husband's past. How is she going to get away with this? What's the woman going to do when she finds out? What will the husband do if he finds out first? What would you do?