'Avengers: Infinity War' Star Has Us Thinking One 'Dead' Character Is Returning

Wakanda forever.

Warning! “Avengers: Infinity War” spoilers below!

It’s a tough time right now to be a Danai Gurira character.

In “Avengers: Infinity War,” Gurira’s character Okoye watched helplessly as the Black Panther ― Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa ― crumbled to dust after Thanos’ finger snap. And on “The Walking Dead,” Gurira’s Michonne faces the inevitable departure of her boo, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, confirmed to be leaving the show next season.

So at the “Walking Dead” Comic-Con press conference last month, I asked Gurira the obvious question: Which was tougher, saying goodbye to Chadwick Boseman in “Infinity War” or Andrew Lincoln on “Walking Dead”?

Her answer was lol.

Rather than say something nice about Boseman’s “departure,” she got a bit tongue-tied. “Woww! Wowww!” she said. “Well, you know ‘Infinity War,’ you know. We know that that’s its own thing. That’s a thing that you know is its own thing. That’s all I’ll say about that in terms of...”

“Wait, are you saying that Thanos wasn’t successful?” chimed in “Walking Dead” chief content officer Scott Gimple.

“I’m not saying anything!” Gurira replied as the whole room broke into laughter. “I can actually just not speak at all anymore, being part of these two franchises... do not speak.”

You can hear Gurira and Gimple’s exchange from the press conference below.

Aside from being hilarious, the actress’ response provides a hint that, even though several beloved characters apparently died in “Infinity War,” they’re likely coming back.

Especially Boseman. He’s probably stuck in the Soul Stone, or he’ll make his return via time travel, as is popularly theorized (see: the Quantum Realm).

So yeah, all that talk from the “Infinity War” creators about how “death is death” and characters will leave “permanently” ― don’t buy it.

In addition to her comments about Boseman, Gurira went on to give a heartfelt farewell to Lincoln, saying, “It’s all heartbreaking, as ‘Walking Dead’ always is, but this is a special type of heartbreak ... It’s been an honor, sir.”

You can read her full goodbye here.

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