Inflatable Life-Size 'My Little Pony' Doll Arousing Controversy With Bronies (NSFW)

Inflatable 'My Little Pony' Doll Is Getting A Rise Out Of Bronies (NSFW)

An inflatable, life-size My Little Pony doll seems to be getting a rise out of the brony subculture.

The doll is a bootleg toy called the “Sexy Inflatable Girl Pony." It stands at 5-foot-9, and looks like the My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash -- with some very distinct differences.

This blow-up doll is a very curvaceous interpretation of the character and appears to be wearing a low-cut leotard over what would be the pony's private parts.

horny pony

Make no mistake: Hasbro, the company that owns the rights to My Little Pony had nothing to do with the “Sexy Inflatable Girl Pony." It is a bootleg product made in China by Hongyi Toy Manufacturing.

The company sells the sexed-up dolls for $599 apiece, but will sell them for as little as $99 each for bulk orders.

Hasbro has not yet commented on the “Sexy Inflatable Girl Pony" product, but "My Little Pony" fanatics are, on the brony-centric website

Comments on the doll range from those asking "How do you MOUNT this?" to one from a man who sighs, "And this is why I'm slowly regretting becoming a brony, this community is just delving deeper and deeper into the disgusting."

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