Giant Inflatable Moon Rolls Over Cars On Wild Ride Through Streets In China

Winds from Typhoon Meranti propelled the prop on its collision course.

That’s one giant leap for moon-kind.

Video shows a massive inflatable replica of the Earth’s moon tumbling through traffic and pedestrians in the streets of Fuzhou, China.

The moon was intended for the city’s Mid-Autumn Festival on Thursday. The harvest celebration attracts many families, who gaze at the moon and eating mooncakes.

Instead, winds from from Typhoon Meranti sent the prop off and rolling on Wednesday. Several clips surfaced showing the amorphous blob squeezing around bikes, rolling over cars, and aimlessly traveling by a construction site.

Over 1.65 million homes lost power during the typhoon, which made landfall with 145 mile-per-hour winds, according to CBS News.

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