Inflatable Pools For Kids And Adults You'll Use All Summer

Portable pools and inflatable hot tubs to turn your yard into the coolest swim club around.
A small baby pool or a square pool with chairs will upgrade your backyard this summer.
A small baby pool or a square pool with chairs will upgrade your backyard this summer.

Even if you live near a body of water or have access to a community pool, sometimes you just want to take a dip in the comfort of your own backyard — and an inflatable pool may be just the ticket. These pop-up pools are a relatively affordable and low-fi addition to any yard, patio, deck or little cement area that your landlord has allotted you, and offer a functional (and sometimes even stylish) upgrade from those hard plastic tubs of your childhood.

Before you purchase anything, think about where you want to put your pool to ensure you’re ordering the correct size and shape, and make a note of the proximity to a water source. Another thing to consider is your outdoor surface area: Is it flat and relatively smooth, or will you need a tarp or liner to prevent tears and spills on uneven ground? You’ll also need a way to inflate it, Reviewers love this super versatile electric air pump that you can hook into your car if you want to take your pool on the go.

For every pool listed below, we’ve given the general size and shape as well as any listed specifications. From wading pools for babies to full-on hot tubs fitting 4-6 adults, you can turn your outdoor space into a little oasis this summer with these splashy outdoor tubs.

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A high-capacity semi-permanent pool with 6,000 5-star reviews
The Intex Easy Set is a larger, flat-sided round pool that fits around four adults. Reviews say it's good for swimming lessons with little ones or hanging with adult friends, but needs to be on really flat land with no sharp rocks or twigs around, and setup is easier with two adults. (One review details some handy setup tips and add-ons to purchase for further ease of use.)

Promising review: "This ended up being perfect for us! Our community pool is pretty gross and overcrowded, and our two year old daughter is still learning how to swim. We had a little plastic kiddie pool but I wanted something that was big enough for me to get in and practice with her. It’s short enough for her to stand in when fully filled, but very generously sized... I would guess you could easily fit at least 5 adults in it comfortably if you wanted." — kkc
A vibrant pool you'll want in your backyard
A classic kiddie pool printed with a trending textile design? Yes, please! This 66-inch basin is perfect for splashing around with babies or cooling your feet. It has a pink, yellow and orange tie-dye outside with a Shibori-inspired print on the interior to elevate your outdoor space.

Promising review: "I mean, how great we can get kiddy pools that reflect our esthetic style for affordable. Love the pool, have had a couple of great soaks in the backyard with ALL the room!" — Paisley S
A patterned pool from a small Black-owned business
Give your backyard some color and style with this three-layer inflatable pool from Alma Ocean, a Black-owned aquatic brand working to bring more representation to swimming culture and lower the disproportionally high rates of drowning in the Black community. It fits three adults with a 66-inch diameter and has rapid inflate and deflate valves for quick setup and breakdown.
A square pool with four built-in seats
If you're looking for a pool to relax in, look no further. This square pool has four cushiony seats with backrests and cup holders. It fits up to four adults and measures 105 inches by 105 inches. Reviews say it takes a minute to fill up, but it's worth the wait.

Promising review: "Honestly, I got this so I can layout in my backyard more verses having to go to a public pool. Save me some coin & it came in perfect. The seats and head rest took a while to fill up with an air compressor & draining the pool also took a while too..but overall it was nice. My nephew also got to enjoy it. Very cool and spacious for 4 adults & a toddler!!! This was the first day we used it and I definitely can’t wait to use it again. Also went and bought a 10x10 tarp which went over it perfectly!" — Christina
A shallow round shark pool with sprinklers
Bring a way-more-approachable version of “Jaws” to your backyard with this wading sprinkle shark pool. You can set it up with or without the sprinkles and use it as an indoor play pit or outdoor pool.

Promising review: "We got this inflatable pool for our lil one and we had amazing fun in water. Love the sprinklers as my baby had a blast and was continuously screaming with delight in water, It was so easy to inflate and use and also easy to deflate and pack it again for next summer. I totally recommend this pool as the price is amazing too and babies and toddlers are gonna love it." — Anoli Parikh
A pint-sized baby pool with 20,000 positive reviews
Get your baby into the water with this super colorful mini wading pool. It's only 34 inches wide, so it's super easy to store and has a soft inflatable floor little feet and tushes.

Promising review: "This little pool is a good size for our 1-year-old. We use it as a play pen when we're in the yard and also as a wading pool with a little bit of water and a few toys. We've even used it as a little bed when our son fell asleep at a beach party. Its petite size makes it easy to pack in a bag and it blows up in little time. It's also durable as we've used it many times with no leaks or tears so far." — Jheneya
Or a toddler pool that's a little bigger and has 4,000 positive reviews
Keep little ones occupied for hours with this 48-inch mini kiddie pool. Reviews say it's perfect for two to three toddlers, dogs and use as a ball pit or playpen, too.

Promising review: "This pool has totally surpassed my expectations! It has lasted all summer with no rips/holes or other issues and we only had to add more air a few times. My twin toddlers played - mostly climbing in and out over and over - in the pool at least 4 days a week for hours. I was sure they’d put a hole in it at some point since they can be a little rough, but nope! Good overall size for two of them to play and a nice height, not too deep or to shallow. It was relatively easy for toddlers to get in and out and I wasn’t worried about them slipping and busting a lip on a hard, plastic edge.

"The pattern is cute, gender-neutral, and not otherwise overly loud and garish. We were pretty diligent about emptying it and turning it over when not in use, but if it got a little funky it was easy to clean with bleach spray." — It
A heated inflatable hot tub that's so luxe
Turn your home into a spa with this portable inflatable hot tub with 9,000 positive reviews. The control panel allows you to heat the water up to 104 degrees and it fits 4-6 adults with 140 jets all around.

Promising review: "Fantastic buying experience from start to finish. Item even arrived a day ahead of schedule much to our delight! Free Shipping too! Spa was easy to assemble; took us about 30 minutes before we started filling it. The spa is remarkably sturdy, considering it is an inflatable. Even if one sits on the sides, it does not have any impact or make an impression. It keeps its pressure up too (no deflating). It takes at least 24 hours for the water to reach the max temperature of 104 degrees, so don't expect to use if the first day! We figure out what time we want to spa and then use the timer to start heating the water at the appropriate time. Be sure to read up on keeping your spa healthy with the right chemical balance. The "Hot Tube Bible" available through Amazon/Kindle was also a great source of information to get us started. The bubbles are strong, effective and awesome. Friends and family are amazed by this spa. It has really enhanced our lives (and popularity)!" — wilsie1
A durable inflatable pool that will last for many summers
Covered in tear and puncture-resistant PVC material, this 13-foot family pool will last you for many summers to come. It's big enough to fit two adults and three to four kids and takes about an hour to set up.

Promising review: "Sturdy, durable, quick set up and great value. We bought this best way fast set pool because we had hot spas by them that lasted a while. I think we made the right decision this pool was quick to set up, holds up just fine and you can not beat the price. I like the size 13 by 33 inch works just fine for cooling off and floating around. Do not buy this is if you want to swim or dive but for cooling off it works just fine. Filter works fine for us no complications just do not over fill the pool and water will not come pouring out of the top. It's just a soft pool so those with negatives reviews not sure what they were expecting. It does what it says and holds up well. My expectation is to get a year to two years out of this soft pool." — Chrissy
A big rectangle pool for the whole family
A pool that will turn your backyard into a swim club, this family pool holds up to three adults and five kids all at once. Three separate air chambers make it quicker to inflate and deflate.

Promising review: "This pool is a great size for me to play with my niece without feeling cramped. Lots of room for playing. Inflating was extremely easy - I used a hairdryer on the cool setting. There’s two plugs at the bottom for easy draining." — Dorann Payne
A heart-shaped option
Bring some romance to your backyard with this heart-shaped inflatable pool. It fits up to three adults and has high siding that's comfortable to lean back on.

Promising review: "This is an amazing pool.large enough for 2 adults, deep enough so you feel like you’re in a real pool PLUS the sides are tall enough to lean against. It’s a great addition to my backyard beach in the city." — Beth L.
A hotel-inspired designer option
If you, like Kim Petras, want all your clothes designer, you may drool over this breezeblock-patterned beauty from women-led designer inflatable pool brand Minnidip. With a scalloped top and clear and white vinyl, it's an instant upgrade to any yard.
A pop-up pool that's not even inflatable
Though you don't technically inflate it, this pop-up pool is super easy to install. Simply snap the metal frame into place with the puncture-resistant 3-ply toughmesh netting, and fill it with water for the whole family to enjoy.

Promising review: "This pool has been a hit this weekend. It easily fit four kids (and plenty of pool toys) and still had room to splash. It took less than an hour to assemble. We were playing the same day it arrived!" — Mimi

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