Inflatable Poop Installation By Artist Paul McCarthy Makes A Mess In Hong Kong (VIDEO)

Inflatable Poop Installation Makes A Big Mess

This week in the world of truly hilarious art news, a giant inflatable poop installation created by Los Angeles artist Paul McCarthy recently met its demise in Hong Kong. According to the South China Morning Post, sudden downpour deflated the oversized tower of excrement, aptly titled "Complex Pile," leaving behind a brown mess of torn balloon materials in the city's West Kowloon district.

The piece previously stood at a whopping 51 feet, looming over other inflatable creations that were a part of the outdoor art project "Mobile M+: Inflation!" The feces-inspired objet d'art, which supposedly "mocks its picturesque surroundings and pokes fun at the prudent qualities of public sculpture," was one of two works to feel the wrath of Mother Nature -- the other being Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa's Black Lotus, which was also damaged.

What makes this story even funnier, however, is the fact that McCarthy's glorified mountain of waste has a history of causing trouble. In 2008, the installation -- then called "Complex Shit" -- brought down a power line and smashed the window of Swiss home when it was blown from its outdoor display area in Bern.

Watch the Reuters video above for a better look at McCarthy's installation before the, ahem, shit storm. Worry not: A West Kowloon Cultural District representative told the South China Morning Post "hopefully we can inflate the artwork as soon as possible." Thank goodness!

Keep the laughs coming with the aerial image of the work below, courtesy of a Reddit user named docyl.

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