This Inflatable Sleep Hoodie Is A Genius Way To Nap Anywhere

Just blow it up, and conk out. 😴

Master travelers know that the best kind of nap often does not happen in a bed.

Behold the Hypnos Sleep Hoodie, an inflatable sweatshirt that brilliantly turns any plane, train or obnoxious airport terminal into a comfy-cozy napping station with just a few puffs of air:

Feeling weary on the road? Just blow into the hood's built-in tab.

You'll activate a tiny, inflatable pillow that transforms this cozy-chic sweatshirt into the secret napping zone every traveler craves. Ahh.

The Hypnos Sleep Hoodie is in the final days of funding on Kickstarter: A $49 pledge allows you to pre-order the Standard Pullover Hoodie, which will ship out in March.

Guess we'll reluctantly nap on our grimy airplane pillows until then.

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