Inflation-Adjusted Income For Median Male Worker Drops To 1968 Levels

Inflation-Adjusted Income For Median Male Worker Hits 1968 Levels

Yo, this one goes out to all the median male workers in the house. How you livin' median male workers? Before you answer that, let me guess. You're hopeful about Swaziland gaining independence, but you still have a sad because of the Tet Offensive. You're excited about the Republican National Convention coming to Florida (Miami, that is) and things look good for Nixon/Agnew. You Green Bay Packers fans are kvelling over your Super Bowl win -- Super Bowl 2, I mean. And who just became Vice Chairman of the Revolutionary Council in Iraq? Saddam somebody? I bet that guy has a bright future!

But all y'all median male workers maybe don't have one, and if you haven't figured out what I'm playing at, here's Zero Hedge with the scoop:

While the fact that a record number of Americans are living in poverty should not surprise anyone at this point, what should surprise many is that according to Table P-5 of the Census report of (Lack of) Income, the median male is now worse on a gross, inflation adjusted basis, than he was in... 1968! While back then, the median income of male workers was $32,844, it has since declined to $32,137 as of 2010.

The good news, median male worker, is that you've got plenty of company here in the "new normal" that looks like 1968. The bad news is that you're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from living the life of last night's debate star: Wolf Blitzer's "hypothetical sick 30-year-old" who will die without health insurance.

Also, if your life really is like 1968, then in about a year or so you're going to learn about something called the "My Lai Massacre" that won't do much to raise your spirits.

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CORRECTION:: An earlier headline for this story stated that inflation-adjusted median male income had hit "new low," but in fact, the current level of income is comparable to that of 1968, as stated in the article.

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