Inflation: Why Investing in Yellow Could Save Your Portfolio

On TV, you have to boil down answers into the shortest, most concise sound bites. Right now, my favorite sound bite is "Invest in Yellow: Corn, Wheat and Gold". Some people might be scratching their heads and questioning why this is sound money advice.

First of all, gold has outperformed other investments year over year. People that were invested in gold did not get creamed during the stock market dip. No, they profited. Gold continues its upward trend, and I'm still buying. Gold is a historical safe-haven during times of crisis. People who have gold and gold investments can hang onto their savings when their currency falls flat - something that I am predicting will happen to the U.S. Dollar and U.S. Government Bond market. While dollars go down in value, gold goes up.

As for corn and wheat... people need to eat. They don't need plasma TV's or that little kitchen gadget that helps you stir peanut butter without making a mess. The population in India and especially China are growing faster than their food supply can handle. What does this mean? American farmers will thrive because the demand of agriculture products will continue to escalate. Prices on corn and wheat will rise, and investments in those areas will flourish. Agriculture commodities are dirt cheap right now, so get them while they are still on sale.

I also like white by the way... specifically silver and sugar. I really love silver right now. It's still cheap and I wouldn't be surprised if it went up to $20/ounce this year.

Please enjoy the following video I shot DIY-style to explain the basics about inflation.