How Israel Became a Water Superpower [INFOGRAPHIC]

The world's water crisis is real--but solutions are at hand. We need look no further than Israel to see the water saving technologies of the future already in use.

While the majority of Israel's water is manufactured from non-potable, and man-made sources, virtually all US water is sourced from Natural Water. This includes groundwater, pulled from increasingly depleted aquifers--or sourced from surface water. The US isn't alone--this is true of most of the world. In places where there is ample fresh water, like the area around the Great Lakes, it makes sense to rely on freshwater. But how can that make sense in the many arid and semi-arid areas of the US with greatly depleted water resources?

Israel's "Manufactured Water" sources include remediated storm water, brackish water, treated sewage, and desalinated seawater. This means that Israel sources water that may not be fresh and that allows them to save the environment and not deplete lakes, rivers and aquifers.

In the infographic below, you can see the striking difference between where the water comes from--and where it goes in Israel and the rest of the world.

Every country needs safe options to keep the water flowing when fresh water supplies becomes scarce. Beyond just improving our water supply, we need to think about where our water is actually going: will we squander our water with the wasteful practices of the past? Or will we use the technology that now exists to secure our water future?