64% Of Donations Are Made By Women.. And Other Facts About How We Give (INFOGRAPHIC)

64% Of Donations Are Made By Women.. And Other Facts About How We Give (INFOGRAPHIC)

The size of the check you write to a charity, or even whether you write a check at all, isn't the only way to gauge your charitable contributions. There are so many different ways that people give back.

The infographic below demonstrates the different demographics of people who are giving, and the ways in which they give. For example, 37 percent of people think their time is the most important resource they can give. And 58 percent of people share information about their charities on social networks because they believe that makes an impact.

Plus, did you know that 15.2 billion hours are spent in volunteering every year?

People offer up their time, their voice, energy, passion, community and so much more, but it takes a more holistic view of giving to track these contributions in addition to the financial ones.

Everydayhero, an online giving platform launching in the United States on Tuesday, produced this infographic as part of their mission to show all the ways people give.

"A lot of the time, effort and commitment given to supporting causes often goes unrecognized, yet it all contributes to raising awareness and driving change," Simon Lockyer, co-founder of Everydayhero, said in a statement. "We want people to see the broader picture of what they really give and feel good about the impact they have."

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Correction: An earlier version of this article called Everydayhero a "crowdfunding platform," but it is an online giving platform.

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