INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Content Marketing in 2012

The commonly used phrase content is king has never been more true in 2012 and for the future. Both B2B- and B2C-focused companies can reach new audiences by providing them with valuable, relevant content.

The world of B2B content marketing has drastically changed in 2012 and for the better. This infographic created by Marketo highlights the effectiveness, budgeting, social media trends and challenges of content marketing over 2012.

As far as the data used in the infographic, the most surprising point is that smaller companies appear to allocate more budget to content marketing than larger companies do. The least surprising point covered is that 83 percent of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn to distribute their content.

For more insights on the world of content marketing for B2B's, review the infographic below. What trends did you see in content marketing this year and how did it affect your strategy as a business? Share in the comments below.