This Infographic Solves Men's Fashion Problems Once And For All

Women may feel like they never "have anything to wear," but getting dressed can be just as tricky for guys. Between finding the right fit and acknowledging that most menswear might actually looks better on women, the road to being a stylish man can be a rocky one.

Now, thanks to an infographic from the guys over at Fashion Stork, it just got a little easier. "15 Gentleman's Rules In Dressing" provides a simple-to-follow, fifteen-rule guide on the dos and don'ts of men's fashion.

stork weekly infographic

Most of the rules are pretty standard (don't confuse fitted with tight and always tuck in dress shirts, for example). While others -- like not wearing more than one ring on each hand -- are a bit more surprising.

While we're OK with matching from time to time, we do have to agree on the whole "funny ties not being funny" thing.

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