Information Is Money: Why Is It Important To Read?

Information Is Money: Why Is It Important To Read?
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These days we are constantly loaded with a different kind of information which is sometimes hard to follow. The news bombards us from all over the world: we listen to it while watching TV or browsing the Internet. Constant nonstop ads 'talk' to us daily, and it seems like there's no escape from it. Billboards, ads on TV, the Internet, smartphones constantly tell us what we need to stay healthy and happy. And the constant flow of pictures from social media channels, magazines, Internet tries to tell some story as well. That's why it's not surprising that, at some point, we can't 'digest' all the information and so might try to simply ignore it or to use easier ways of receiving the information, like either listening to the quick news on the radio or scanning the info without fully reading the article. And this is the point where it might be dangerous.

True, an overabundance of information does have quite a negative effect on us. It's proven that too much data can negatively affect a decision-making process. We can deal only with a certain amount of information during a certain period of time. When it's too much of something, we tend to simply ignore it or, on the contrary, become information addicts, and, as a result, lose the capacity of making our own conclusions in life. But jumping from one extreme to the other one is never going to be very helpful. By constantly searching for pieces of advice on the Internet, we'll rely too much on somebody else's opinions and, as a result, can have hard times making our own judgments. On the other hand, by ignoring the information, we might lose the thread of touch with the world in general and start living in our own world that has nothing to do with the reality. The lack of information might cause us come to a wrong decision as well. Moreover, if we don't read the news, different articles or the reviews related to something we are going to invest money into, we will not only become boring people but can also lose the money by making the wrong investments.

Ignoring the information or quickly reviewing it might be quite harmful, as not all the information available can be trusted and, thus, should be thoroughly checked. As an example, there has been a great scandal related to selling Enzyte, a male enhancement product, and Steve Warshak, a founder of the Enzyte company. The website selling the supplement is active today with all the positive reviews. But, in fact, Steve Warshak has been arrested, and it all has been a scam. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people have lost a substantial amount of money buying the product that is of no value. And the people who didn't read about the scandal might still buy it. That's why it's of great importance to do the research and read as much information as one can before investing the money into something. The same applies not only to money investment but also to other areas of life, like politics, culture, etc. It's always better to read multiple views from multiple sources before jumping to the conclusions. One-way thinking is not only narrow and limited but can provoke fights and misunderstandings among the people from different cultural backgrounds.

While too much information might be the cause for distractions and wrong decision-making, the lack of information might have even worse consequences. Information has a lot of value, but only when it's credible; that's why, reading multiple sources is quite essential, especially in our information-saturated era.

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