Presenting: The Rants Of InfoWars' Alex Jones As A Bon Iver Song

Because the current political climate is basically begging us to get weird.

Alex Jones and Bon Iver: Name a more iconic collaboration. We dare you.

In a beautiful marriage that could only happen on the internet, the wonderfully weird entertainment company Super Deluxe made a compilation video of Infowars’ host Alex Jones amidst is seemingly constant ranting. However, the blathering is not in Jones’ usual cacophonous tones.

It’s in the style of a folk indie song, specifically one by Bon Iver. The result is true art.

We’re particular fans of the interspersed footage of Jones climbing out of a boat around 1:25. Enjoy!!!

In case you love this tune so much you want to download it, you can do so here.

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