Alex Jones, Sandy Hook Denier, Launches Site To Battle 'Fake News'

No, we're not kidding.

In an effort to combat so-called “fake news,” Alex Jones’ Infowars has embarked on another digital media endeavor in the form of “NewsWars.”

Jones announced the launch on Twitter on Friday. The site ― ― looks a whole lot like the website of The New York Times, which Trump has repeatedly referred to as “failing.” NewsWars features the type of content you’d expect from a deeply right-wing media outlet:

If you’re wondering what the site’s goals are, you’ll have to stay on the homepage long enough to see their various taglines. Changing every few seconds, the taglines appear to be the following:

  • “Battling tyranny worldwide”

  • “Rebooting America...”

  • “Restoring the 2nd Amendment”

  • “Making America Free Again”

  • “Chronicling/Documenting the fall of globalism”

  • “Republics thrive in the light”

  • “Truth explodes in the light”

  • “Battling corrupt elites worldwide”

  • “Tyranny dies in the light”

The fact that the site was launched by Alex “they’re turning the friggin’ frogs gay” Jones gives these dramatic slogans a bit of a different tone.

The content featured on the homepage appears to be mostly InfoWars’ posts put into a different skin. Other articles on the site hail from the Daily Caller, End of the American Dream, and, most intriguingly, Reuters. None of those outlets have been accused of being “fake news” by President Donald Trump, but wire service Reuters is the most mainstream of the ones that appeared on NewsWars Friday afternoon.

Two of the top articles on NewsWars’ site currently include negative press about other news organizations ― BuzzFeed and CNN. Both of those organizations have been referred to as “fake news” by the president.

The site also breaks itself up into different sections with titles like “U.S. News,” “World News,” “Economy,” “World at War” and “Globalism.”

Alex Jones is the same guy who has claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax and Hillary Clinton’s team ran a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor. To say it’s ironic that he’s now launching a site devoted to fighting “fake news” is putting it lightly, so we’ll put it this way:

Godspeed on this journey, Alex Jones. Perhaps that’ll do you better than hawking taint wipes.

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