GOP Rep. Beth Van Duyne Touts Infrastructure Funding She Voted Against

The Texas Republican says she's "thrilled" that the Dallas-Fort Worth airport is benefiting from a bill she opposed in Congress.

Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas) touted new money for an airport in her district despite voting against last year’s bipartisan infrastructure law, which made federal assistance possible.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act included $5 billion over the next five years aimed at improving and expanding capacity at airport terminals across the country. On Thursday, President Joe Biden’s administration announced the first tranche of money, nearly $1 billion, will go to 85 airports, including Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

In a post on Twitter, Van Duyne said she was “thrilled” about the news. The congresswoman pointedly avoided mentioning that she voted against the funding last year.

The Texas lawmaker is the latest Republican to seeks credit for new infrastructure projects despite the fact that they opposed the legislation.

GOP members from Alabama, Iowa, Louisiana and Florida have already done so. They have sought to explain their reversal by arguing that they support parts of the law but not all of it.

Only 13 House Republicans voted for the infrastructure law, which included funding for roads, bridges, highways, railways and ports. Nineteen Republicans voted for it in the Senate.

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