Infrastructure Question to Right-wing: If Not Now, When? If Not Government, Who?

There are climate-change deniers, evolution-deniers, science-deniers, reality-deniers that are running rampant in our politics. Their day, it seems, has dawned, and there are many who have some prospect of becoming President of the United States.

Nonetheless, to my knowledge, there are no infrastructure-deniers. That is, no one is claiming that we do not have $2.2 Trillion backlog of road, rail, bridge, dam, water, sewage, school repairs/replacements that need to be done.

The President has proposed a rather modest start to that rebuilding agenda, and the right-wing opposes it.

So, let us say that the right-wing takes over the presidency and both Houses of Congress in 2012.

What happens then to our nation's infrastructure? Will they let it continue to deteriorate? If not, who is going to rebuild it? With what money? Will grandma have to make a choice between having a road to the hospital she cannot afford to use, or having a hospital she can afford but no road to get there?

Will they continue to oppose the government spending on infrastructure after President Obama is defeated? Or, will that spending, now magically, become, as Lloyd Blankfein described Goldman Sachs, "god's work"? Where will the money come from? When our children's education falls further behind world competition, is the right-wing suddenly going to embrace immigration?

At the next Republican debate fiasco, why not put the infrastructure question to them, what are they going to do about it if they become President? [And, when Ron Paul asserts the free market will handle it, ask him for the evidence to prove it.]