Ingrid Grimes-Myles, Michelle Obama's Makeup Artist: First Lady Should Be Skincare Role Model sat down with Ingrid Grimes-Myles, Michelle Obama's makeup artist of five years. Here are a few excerpts. Read the full interview here.

On how the First Lady's beauty regimen has evolved:

Mrs. Obama's media appearances have increased exponentially over the years--she's now expected to be pulled together all of the time--so I taught her a system I've developed called "Ms. Ingrid's Fabulous 10 Minute Face." It's the technique that will get you looking good and out the door.

On what "Ms. Ingrid's Fabulous 10 Minute Face" entails:

Shape your eyebrows so they start at the beginning of the eye and arch at the end of the iris, use a contour powder--about 1 ½ shades darker than your face powder--to give your face added definition and polish, and blend a lighter and darker shade of the same lip pencil color for a custom look and longer-lasting lipstick!

On what to expect from the First Lady's makeup in the future:

We're not going to stray with trends, we'll stay in the realm of earth tones. I mean, you're not going to see an avant-garde look on the First Lady of the United States! Oh boy, not on my watch! Yes, I don't envision any changes much other than playing with lip colors here and there.

On the First Lady's complexion:

I should make it clear--she has great skin! She takes good care of herself and her beautiful skin is a direct result of that investment. I wish more women would see her as a role model in that regard.


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