InHerSight Allows Women To Anonymously Rate Past And Present Employers

The Website That Allows Women To Anonymously Rate Past And Present Employers
Businesswoman sitting at office workstation working on computer with dog sitting on her lap
Businesswoman sitting at office workstation working on computer with dog sitting on her lap

"We're improving the workplace by measuring it."

That's the idea behind InHerSight, a platform where women can evaluate their employers and rate how female-friendly workplace environments are. The idea is that providing women a space to communicate with other women about workplace issues they care about most could have an effect on this issues themselves.

"We believe that scoring employers on their support for women and making those scores public will hold companies accountable for their hard and soft policies," InHerSight founder Ursula Mead told The Huffington Post. "And that providing women with a safe and anonymous way to share their insights is how we get there.

With many work environments proving to be unsafe or unwelcoming to women, websites like InHerSight could be very useful for women looking to move jobs.

Launched in January 2014, the organization provides a platform for women to anonymously rate past or present employers from any field on multiple topics including flexible hours, maternity leave, management opportunities for women and salary satisfaction.

InHerSight allows women to "rate the companies they work for on the metrics that matter to them," their Facebook page reads. Some of these metrics include paid time off, family support and how many women are in top leadership positions in the company.

Users can search for a specific employer on InHerSight or browse through recently reviewed workplaces including large corporations and government agencies. Women can also add their current or past employers by creating a new rating.

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"You have unique insights into how well your employer supports your needs and goals, where it excels and where it can do better," InHerSight's Facebook page reads. "And by sharing these insights, you can bring powerful transparency to the working world for women -- and in turn make it possible for more women to find what they're looking for."

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In the past year women have rated companies ranging from Google to Coca-Cola. While there aren't very many evaluations on the site right now, the feedback is helpful and covers a range of topics including social activities and equal opportunities for men and women. Users can also add comments expanding on what their employers are getting right -- and wrong.

Here's an example of written feedback:


"We want to be like TripAdvisor for women in the workplace," Mead said. "They help travelers find what they are looking for and improve what they get from service providers using user-generated ratings... there’s no reason that model can’t work for women and their employers."

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