Injured Journalists In Syria Plea For Help In YouTube Videos

Two journalists injured in the same shelling attack that killed famed American war reporter Marie Colvin and French photojournalist Rémi Ochlik appealed for help in videos uploaded to YouTube. Colvin and Ochlik were killed in Homs, Syria on Wednesday.

Three journalists remained trapped in the besieged Homs neighborhood of Baba Amr, an area that has been subjected to heavy and consistent shelling attacks.

The Telegraph reports that French journalist Edith Bouvier, who suffers from a severely broken leg, said she needed "to be operated on as soon as possible."

Colvin's Sunday Times Of London colleague Paul Conroy also made an appeal for help. Conroy said that he suffered three large wounds to his leg. "I'm currently being looked after by the Free Syrian Army medical staff who are treating me with the best medical treatment available and it's important to add that I am here as a guest and not captured." He adds, "Any assistance that we can get from government agencies would be welcome."

As the Syrian doctor looking after Conroy showed the camera his wounds, explosions could be heard in the distance. A person off camera said, "Paul is good but we need help for him to be evacuated...he is in a safe place right now but we are not sure...if they can hit us we need your help to evacuate Paul."

Paul added, "just reassure our family, friends in England that I'm absolutely okay."

The uprising in Syria has been a particularly challenging and incredibly dangerous conflict for journalists to cover. A spokesperson for CNN told the Washington Post that the network does not have any journalists in Syria as two crews left the country earlier this week. The Post also said it does not have any reporters in Syria.

According to CBS' Lara Logan, Colvin described Syria as the "most dangerous conflict she had covered." Logan added, "That's really saying something by her standards."

Just last week, New York Times' Anthony Shadid suffered an apparent asthma attack while crossing the Syrian border and died. Multiple citizen journalists have also been killed during the uprisings.

View the video of Conroy above and the video of Bouvier below.