Cops Called To Injured Otter Find Something Entirely Different

The "wounded animal" was actually a faux fur collar.

Concerned citizens called cops in central England after spotting what they thought was an injured otter at the side of a road.

Police officers rushed to the scene in Newport, Shropshire, in a bid to save the wounded creature.

But they soon realized they didn't really have an animal emergency on their hands. It was actually just a faux fur collar from a coat.

West Mercia Police's Safer Neighborhood Team for Newport posted a series of pictures of the fur trim on Twitter on Thursday.

And Ollie the Otter, as the collar was dubbed, soon became the Internet’s latest (fake) animal star.

Here it is kicking back in the patrol car immediately after its rescue:

And here's Ollie back at the station, "reading" tweets after the photographs went viral:

Commenters said the incident was remarkably similar to what happens in this British commercial for global optical store Specsavers, where a veterinarian mistakes a fur hat for a cat:


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