Inner-Work for the Single Woman


Over the past few years, I have fallen slightly, romanticized about a fairytale future all while in "micro relationships," that didn't work out. I dated gentlemen who cared about me, but didn't display what I wanted in a long-term relationship. Might I add, I constantly question whether or not marriage is a commitment that I would like to make, or one that society has subconsciously pushed as a seemingly important next step to solidifying adulthood? The beautiful truth is... I would like to engage with someone who inspires me to meet the challenge of loving them for a lifetime and raring little souls that we will lovingly identify as our children.

As a social entrepreneur, I work, work, work and do it with a smile. I also love the amazing, hilarious, out-of-this-world moments that I share with family and close friends. It's safe to say that some relationships are magical: sparks simply fly with the folks I love. 2015-01-28-SingleHuffPostNewWow11.jpg
Yes, I do feel that something is missing. There are nights in which I cuddle with myself watching Neflix after a day of meetings and wish I was sharing that time with a dynamic someone who understands and honors me. Then, there are the random moments, like waking up at 3am with an idea and there's no one to share it with. Something is missing, but it's not a partner. It's the ability to recognize that I am enough. A slew of self-help books and spiritual readings will tell you that you and you alone are responsible for your happiness... they make a great point! In fact, when we experience any displeasure in life, it's all based on our perspective of external factors such as work, relationships and finances. However, it's imperative to realize that whether you're getting a promotion or working two jobs to evade debt and start a business; your truest home, the place of comfort, safety and understanding, should be within yourself!

You are all you truly have in life. Why not make yourself the ultimate safe haven and bring GOD along for the ride? It's a beautiful thing to retreat within. My goal is to have a fulfilling life and ensure that my happiness is not connected to anyone or anything. With this mindset, professional or personal setbacks can't take away from the everyday joy of simply being alive. Not to mention, mental and emotional independence goes hand in hand with positive thinking and a deeper awareness of who you are and how you process the world. The ability to display curiosity and creativity starts internally, with a simple thought.

So clear the mental debris and begin to create a mindset that grows incredible thoughts that will foster into dreams. Whether you are single or in a relationship there is inner-work to be done...


Having moments when you are alone or perhaps feel lonely is natural, but what you do with that time is a choice. Love yourself so deeply, that everyone who comes into your life is inclined to love you extraordinarily.


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