Watch An Army Of Gummy Bears Come To A Sad And Sticky End

The hydraulic press shows no mercy on the sweet treats.

Is nothing sacred?

Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta has used his dreaded hydraulic press to crush random objects in recent weeks. 

Yes, it's been super fun watching him obliterate a bowling ball, cap gun ammo and a Lego person (with the standard "don't try this at home" warning).

But this time, he may have gone too far.

The latest video Vuohensilta posted to his Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube shows him crushing a troupe of Gummy Bears.

"They are quite small and tasty but they come in large numbers and they are aiming for world domination," Vuohensilta says. "So we must deal with them, using my press."

He flips the switch on his machine, and the sweet treats are immediately squished up into a disgusting, although probably still edible, mess.

Vuohensilta then crushes what he describes as being a "monster" version of the candy.

It takes him a couple of tries, but it too is ultimately left looking like a disgusting gelatinous blob.



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