America Really Wants Veggie Burgers At In-N-Out

Now these are some politics we can feel good about. 🍔

We’re always pumped when veggie burgers pop up on restaurant menus. And according to one campaign, America really wants veggie burgers at In-N-Out.

This week, buzz is building around an online petition asking the beloved burger chain to add a veggie burger to its menu. The call to action, started by a D.C.-based nonprofit for clean food, currently has more than 24,000 signatures on

“If you want a meat-free meal at In-N-Out, you’re going to be stuck eating multiple orders of French fries or a cheese-slathered bun,” reads the petition from the Good Food Institute. “In-N-Out has been letting its fans down by failing to serve anything that would satisfy a burger-loving customer who wants a healthy, humane, and sustainable option.”

Not everyone agrees, of course. Some vegan eaters argue In-N-Out shouldn’t be supported because it serves meat, while some meat-lovers point out there are plenty of specialty restaurants besides In-N-Out where both vegans and vegetarians can get their burger fix. (As if there could be too many!)

A similar petition for In-N-Out veggie burgers made the rounds in 2012, but a quick glance at the current menu shows nothing came of it. Media representatives for the burger chain could not be immediately reached for comment.

Organizers say they’ll send their petition to In-N-Out’s president once it hits 25,000 signatures. We won’t hold our breath.

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