Innovating Innovation

Innovation might be the buzzword word du jour but it is hardly a new concept. In fact it is as old as the human race. A Google search yields 487,000,000 results in point two seconds. Lately, the word itself has become so prevalent that it's difficult to recognize true innovation from simply an updated idea.

True innovation not only makes entrepreneurs successful but it creates products that capture the imagination of the very people who use it while solving society's greatest needs. Whatever the inspiration,, the reality is that truly innovative ideas and products have revolutionized and advanced the world we live in. From the steam engine to the telegraph, true innovations have been the catalysts of change and advancement of our society.

The myth that the only innovation worth pursuing is technological innovation is simply not true. You wouldn't want to reduce innovation to a single concept just like you would miss out if you reduced an orchestra to a single violin. Innovation can be an original design, a new marketing approach, a game-changing pricing policy, or a mix of brand-new ingredients.

All impactful innovative ideas have one thing in common: They are authentic and they combine a human need with an ambition to transform experience. Innovative ideas focus on the people who will consume the products and services in everyday life, with a desire to improve, increase, or radically simplify the consumers' experience. Steve Jobs once said that "Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things." You don't necessarily have to invent a new idea or a product but you do need to improve, simplify and advance.

Looking back at history, we know that the future needs innovation. This July in Rennes, France, {dive}, a new groundbreaking event whose main focus is "Innovation that Puts User Experience First," will draw together some of the top innovators from around globe for an 18 hour, full immersion innovation gathering. Among the guests are the top two female innovators whose stellar work is changing the way we live, work and interact with the world around us: Amber Case, a cyborg anthropologist and researcher who is considered one of the most influential women in technology and Laura Khoury, founder of Shoptelligence, a Unified Commerce engine based on artificial intelligence and consumer engagement that works to deliver the ultimate personalized shopping experience.

{dive} is geared toward curious, open minded individuals who are charged with driving innovation across all industries and sectors within their business. The event is so ground-breaking that it even offers an innovative and novel take on pricing, which includes a travel discount that increases with the distance. For more information, please visit