Innovation Conference on the 7th of September 2016 in Zurich

How are innovations valued in large, successful organizations and at universities? Where do get innovative entrepreneurs and experts their ideas and insights from? Do women need promotions in business? What's special about their situation today? How can innovative start-ups help the financial sector to change/transform? How can innovative start-ups become successful? The questions above and more will be answered in our next, non-profit-oriented educational conference in Zurich. This is our interesting line-up of speakers and supporting partners for the upcoming conference:


Veronica Lange is the global Head of Innovation at UBS Chief Technology Office. Within this role she is responsible for managing Group innovation projects and building out innovation activity with internal teams and with the external ecosystem. A recent activity has been the launch of the global idea competition and the blockchain research of the UBS Crypto 2.0 Pathfinder Program. Her current assignment followed her role as Head of Multichannel Strategy for UBS Switzerland.

Clare Flynn Levy is Founder & CEO of Essentia Analytics, a financial software company that uses behavioural data analytics to help professional investors make more money by playing to their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses. Prior to founding Essentia, Clare spent 10 years as a fund manager, both active equity (running over $1bn of pension funds for Deutsche Asset Management) and hedge (as Founder & CIO of Avocet Capital Management, a specialist tech fund manager). She ultimately "went native" into the software space as the President of Beauchamp Financial Technology, a market-leading provider of portfolio management systems to hedge funds, which was acquired by Linedata Services S.A. . . .

Alysa Kodisch is Chair of the Zurich Education Committee of 100 Women in Hedge Funds. An MIT alum, Alysa has over 20 years' professional experience in the financial, technology and human resources industries in both Europe and the USA. She works with leaders of entrepreneurial finance and technology companies, in-sourcing their non-core but essential business processes, enabling them to focus on and grow their core business.

Patricia Widmer studied business management with an emphasis in Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich. During her studies she worked at a leading global bank. After her graduation she joined a private bank as relationship manager. Together with her family she lived several years in the USA and Germany where she held responsible positions in many different volunteer organizations. After returning to Switzerland she completed her advanced studies at the ES-HSG ("Women Back to Business") and successfully returned to the workforce as relationship manager and Head of Human Resources at a small private bank. Since 2014 she works for the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law at the University of St. Gallen as Programme Head of "Women Back to Business".

We would like to give innovative start-ups the possibility to introduce their business. For this session we have Qumram's support who helps start-ups to position themselves:

Headquartered in Switzerland, and with offices in the UK, Spain, and the USA, Qumram is a leading global provider of fully-compliant multi-channel recording, e-discovery, and web archival solutions. Founded in 2011, by Zurich-based Simon Scheurer and Mathias Wegmueller, Qumram grew a 30+ Swiss and German client base, within various sectors including financial services, government, transportation, distribution and leisure. Today, Qumram has a firm focus on financial services, specifically retail banking, wealth and asset management, and insurance, and has clients across Europe and North America. Below are the names of two of their experts who will participate in the conference:

Mathias is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and digital transformation advisor. He has specialist experience working with mid- to large-sized businesses, facilitating the effective execution of digital engagement initiatives. A passionate, action-oriented and motivational team leader, Mathias Co-founded Qumram in 2011, and is today responsible for business development and sales.

Patrick is a highly experienced project manager and consultant for IT and digital transformation projects. He has led large, global, executive level projects with impressive results. An engaged, high-energy and results-driven executive, Patrick joined Qumram in 2014, and is now responsible for sales and account management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He is one of the top 20 influencers in Swiss Fintech.

Out-of-the-Box: Brigitte Frank is an independent management consultant for SMEs . . .

Alex Adamopoulos Chief Executive Officer, Emergn Limited will be moderating the September 7th conference in Zurich to communicate insights, encourage collaboration and create value around the important topics to be discussed. Alex is a hands-on executive with more than 25 years experience and a successful track record in global professional services and technology organizations. Alex founded Emergn Limited in 2009 which has grown into one of the industry's leading digital business consultancies. In addition to his role as CEO of Emergn, Alex serves as a board member of two companies and is an active community member of leadership organizations including the Drucker Society.

Please Note: We neither have sponsors nor are we getting paid by the speakers. We intend to set up a foundation for non-profit-oriented educational conferences on the subject of innovations in the world of finance in case our test conferences scheduled for this year will be well received. In case you are an expert on innovation or a manager who is looking to gain insight into start-ups or an investor who is interested in investing in start-ups, please join us.