Innovative Disruptors with a Social Conscience

Over the last few years there have been a number of business leaders that have really stood out from the crowd. Everyone who knows anything about me knows how much I admire Richard Branson and other global business leaders that are championing the balance of doing well in business and doing good within our society! However as I continued to delve into the world of ethical business, I found that there were many other smaller businesses and less well-known individuals who are really disrupting traditional business and creating new innovative business models that have really changed the way we work and play.

Over the past year I have researched a number of examples in business over a variety of industries that have been truly inspirational. Having spent time conducting interviews and compiling a few case studies into an iBook, Innovative Disruptors with a Social Conscience, I am very excited to announce that this book will be released on the 28th November 2014.

Interviews consist of leaders such as Ann Wilson (The Wealth Chef), Ted Rubin (Co-author of Return on Relationships, #RonR), Jeff Lynn (CEO of Seeders), Andy Wood (CEO of Adnams) and others.

The three key elements of success identified across all these examples are:

Employee Wellbeing
Innovative Disruptors
Innovative Systems

The results of these elements have shown how transformation is possible within a businesses on improving productivity, retention, innovation and profits. The book will be found on the iBooks store this Friday and will be sold at £4.99.

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