Ins and Outs for 2012

Once you've done something three times, it's like you've always done it. This is my third annual in and out list. Now it's a tradition.

May 2012 be a year of authenticity, of doing what you'll say you do.

Out/ In
Square/ circles
Neti pot/ potlucks
Talking on the phone/ using your iPhone as a walkie-talkie
Crowdsourcing/ locally sourced
Appetizers/ charcuterie
Sigg/ mason jars
Kim Jong-il/ kimchi
fresh/ pickled
bacon/ kale
Tina Fey/ Mindy Kaling
colored nail polish/ colored skinny jeans
decision fatigue/ decisiveness
followers/ neighbors
Toms/ barefoot
Ray-Ban/ Warby Parker
Startup/ follow-up
Adventures/ experiences
Portland/ Reno
Black Eyed Peas/ Black Keys
Food trucks/ bicycle deliveries
Tahoe/ Taos
Tailored/ bespoke
Hipsters/ hipsters
Farmville/ It Girl
Congress/ Supreme Court
Yoga/ yoga on stand up paddle boards