The Most Insane Bloody Mary We've Ever Seen Comes From O'Davey's Irish Pub & Restaurant In Wisconsin

Bloody Marys Keep Getting Crazier, But This One Takes The Cake

Gadzooks! We've seen crazy Bloody Marys before -- more than a few, actually -- but it seems that every time we discover another, we swear that it's definitely the craziest one we've ever seen. There could not possible be a Bloody Mary crazier than THIS, we think. And we mean it.

But we've clearly underestimated the public's appetite for ever-more-insane Bloody Marys and the ingenuity of the folks that dream them up. Case in point: the epic Bloody Mary from O'Davey's Irish Pub & Restaurant in Fond du Lac, Wisc.

The brunch cocktail is topped with popcorn, bacon, peanuts, beans, sausage, a pretzel, sliders, a pickle, nachos and cheese, veggies and cheese curds. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the monstrosity costs a $5 (not bad for a meal and a drink, all in one) and is served on the first Sunday of every month from 11:30 a.m. until supplies run out.

Investigating the drink further, Consumerist learned that it was dreamt up by the bar's owner, Dave, and his bartender, Sarah Jayne. Jayne told the web site that it takes quite a bit of effort to craft each drink, which we suspect is probably a huge understatement.

Perhaps we're just setting ourselves up to be proven wrong again, but we swear -- THIS is the most insane Bloody Mary ever. At least until next week.

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