INSA's GIF-ITTI Combines Street Art And Animated GIFs (PHOTOS)

THEY MOVE: Hypnotizing GIF Graffiti

INSA creates awesome street art GIFs that bring the thrill of the streets to your very own Tumblr. Painting a wall several times and snapping photos of each shot, the artist then combines the photos to give the neon-spray paint an additional bling-bling.

At first glance, street art and animated GIFs may not appear to have that much in common. While street art is labor-intensive, political, and often dangerous, GIFs are mostly made of irony and nostalgia in the comfort of your nearest wi-fi zone. Yet both street art and internet animation represent a democratic view of art, allowing artworks to be seen in their original state to as many people as possible for free. Bringing art to the streets liberated it from the white walls of galleries and museums, and now the internet takes the art directly to your couch. The GIFs only exist online in a form of unreality. Is net art the new street art? If others follow INSA's lead, maybe there won't need be such a big distinction between them.

We found INSA's work while surfing My Modern Metropolis.

Check out the slideshow below. Consider it our GIFt to you:


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