Inside A Bitter Divorce: Suburban Housewife Says She Fears Living Under A Bridge

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Leslie, once a suburban housewife and mother of two, is now divorced and on a mission to get money she claims her ex, Nelson, owes her. She believes that when she and Nelson divorced four years ago, he hid large sums of money from her in a deliberate attempt to leave her destitute.

“I'm angry about being treated the way I was treated," says Leslie. "I'm angry about getting screwed. I know that Nelson cheated me out of money. He needs to pay up."

She also claims Nelson was abusive and controlling throughout their 22-year marriage, claims Nelson absolutely denies, saying, "He put me through hell," and calling him "a lying, conniving sociopath."

Of $300,000 she says she got in their divorce settlement, she says she has about $100,000 left. "I'm afraid of ending up under a bridge like an old lady," she cries.

Nelson denies misrepresenting his finances during the divorce and that he was abusive. "From the time I filed for divorce until the divorce ultimately was granted in 2011, I supported Leslie 100 percent financially," he says, claiming she would come home late at night, he says after gambling. "She would just throw open the door screaming at me demanding money. It was very frightening ... Leslie's behavior felt like a wild animal was loose in the house." Nelson says Leslie has refused to look for work and lives solely off alimony.

"There was constant fighting. There were disagreements. There was no satisfaction in the marriage," he says of what led to their divorce. "It was the constant feeling that I was always chasing after something that would satisfy Leslie and no matter what I did, the mark or the bar would change. And I could just never do anything that would make Leslie happy."

Watch the video above as the exes share their respective points of view, and tune in to Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil to find out how Dr. Phil suggests Leslie can get "the best revenge," and how the couple can move forward in peace.

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