Things Get Super Weird When Amy Schumer Gets 'Katfished' By Jake Gyllenhaal

There's a ferret and a couple piles of "hot Chinatown garbage" involved.

If "Catfish" (both the documentary and TV show) has taught us anything, it's that people on the Internet aren't always who they seem. Amy Schumer had to find out the hard way

In a new sketch from her series "Inside Amy Schumer" the comedian enlists the help of Max Joseph- and Nev Schulman-like characters (aka the one with the gray hair and the one without) to help her find out if she's being "katfished" online. Her character tells the guys she thinks she's being targeted by a man claiming to be Jake Gyllenhaal ("major red flag"). 

When Amy explains that the man on the other side of the screen is always too busy to FaceTime because he's reading movie scripts -- another red flag -- the trio sets out to find out who he really is. Meanwhile, the hosts' shirts continue to get smaller and smaller. (Why? We don't know. But it's pretty damn funny.)

After tracking down Jake's address, thanks to the handiwork of an unpaid intern, they realize -- much to Amy's disappointment -- that the man really is Jake Gyllenhaal. But just when she thought she didn't get her true "Katfish" experience, things take an unexpected and hilarious turn. 

Watch the whole thing unfold in the video above. 



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