'Inside Comedy': Larry David Remembers Quitting 'SNL' For A Weekend (VIDEO)

Larry David sat down with David Steinberg on "Inside Comedy" (Thurs., 11 p.m. EST on Showtime) and reminisced about working as a writer on "Saturday Night Live" back in the day.

David remembered one particular Friday when he was so incensed that his sketches kept being cut from that week's live show that he lost it. Having decided that enough was enough, a "disgusted" David walked up to the producers and yelled "That's it! I quit!"

However, after talking it through with his next-door neighbor, the legendary Kenny Kramer, David reconsidered his position. In the end he took Kramer's advice to just go back to the "SNL" offices on the following Monday morning and pretend like nothing had happened.

Amazingly, everyone else also acted like it had never happened and so he kept his job.

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