Inside Edition Visits Nearly Abandoned Brownsville, Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

A crew from TV newsmagazine Inside Edition recently visited the coal town of Brownsville, Pennsylvania to document the abandoned buildings of the distressed Rust Belt city.

For the show, reporter Les Trent toured a vacant bank, walked the deserted Main Street and stopped by Fiddle's Confectionary, one of the few businesses still open in the hardscrabble town.

In April, photographer Randy Fox called Brownsville "a legendary destination for those who document the rise and fall of the Rust Belt," in a blog post on HuffPost Travel.

In an interview with Inside Edition, he points out that the largely abandoned town isn't alone in its misfortune.

"It suffered the same fate as a lot of other places," Fox says. "When the industrial center leaves, you've got to feed your family, so you've got to move on."