Inside Gwyneth Paltrow's Gorgeous Nashville Apartment (PHOTOS)

Inside Gwyneth Paltrow's Gorgeous Nashville Apartment (PHOTOS)

In this week's GOOP newsletter, Gwyneth shows us where she lived in Nashville while she was filming 'Love Don't Let Me Down' and fattening up on fried food. Even though she only stayed there a few months, it probably looks nicer than any home you will inhabit in your life.

Gwyneth writes:

With a very limited independent film-scale budget, Annette Joseph transformed an ideal (yet very raw) two bedroom downtown Nashville loft into a cozy, light filled space that was just perfect for my family's stay there. Housed in a building called "The Icon" in the up-and-coming "Gulch" area, Annette and her team worked tirelessly and achieved the unachievable in 10 days! Below, Annette chronicles how it was done. She is one impressive lady.




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