Inside Look: AFER's Prop 8 Victory and the First Weddings (VIDEO)

Here's a backstage peek at history being made: The American Foundation for Equal Rights has released some amazing, never-before-seen footage of marriage returning to California. Embedded video crews captured the elation of the crowd as AFER's plaintiffs emerged victorious from the Supreme Court, and when marriages began just two days later.

Some don't-miss moments: HRC President Chad Griffin interrupting an MSNBC interview to deliver a phone call from President Obama; California Attorney General Kamala Harris congratulating plaintiffs Sandy and Kris; Paul and Jeff kissing in tearful awe after finishing their wedding ceremony; and the hundreds of Californians lining up to experience equality at last.

This is a moment in American history that people will study for a long, long time. And we're lucky enough to be watching it as it happens.