This Guy Removed The 'Inside' Scenes from 'Inside Out' And It's So Much Sadder

Break out your tissues.

This movie just got a whole lot darker. 

Like any good Pixar flick, "Inside Out" elicited a hefty dose of tears as the main character Riley grew up, matured and dealt with her changing relationships to the people around her. 

But Jordan Hanzon, a film student at the University of Utah, found a way to make the movie even more heartbreaking -- by editing out all of the "Inside" scenes. 

The result is a tear-jerking tale of a girl struggling to fit in in her new school and city. 

People took to Reddit to discuss how the edits made the movie so different:

And others thought the movie took on a new meaning (and genre) entirely:

Looks like there really is no "Inside Out" when it's just the outside. 

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