Inside the Mind of a Go-Getter Girl


"She's such a go-getter." Be completely honest. How many times have you heard this before? Perhaps to describe your friend, co-worker, sister, or even yourself. A go-getter is an aggressively enterprising person who's fearless in pursuit of goals and dreams. She's someone who's strategic in her decisions and is keen to create a lasting impact on her friends, job, and ultimately, the world. But let's also be completely honest, this word can paint a pretty unglamorous picture of someone who prioritizes career over family and works around the clock. But, actually, being called a go-getter is a beautiful and wonderful compliment which we, as professional women, should embrace and become comfortable with. These ladies have cultivated a very strong sense of self and a high self-esteem, so let's take a journey into the mind of a go-getter girl to learn the three principal qualities that define who she is today.

Believe that something within you is greater to overcome the obstacles that may obscure the road to success.

Every go-getter girl believes that she has strengths and capabilities that help her jump over all the hurdles in her path. There are roadblocks we face every single day, times that make us lose hope, give up, or even quit. But, in those times, we have to channel our inner go-getter girl and believe that we, quite simply, are better than this, and that our purpose is far greater than what we may even think. Remember the time that we spent more than 10 hours preparing for the interview only to have it come crashing down and get passed over for our dream job? It's totally fine to think about why that interview didn't go as planned, but we should quickly figure out next steps, because every go-getter girl understands that there are many different ways to reach the same destination. Ultimately, becoming confident in ourselves and believing that we can succeed is the first step to becoming a go-getter girl.

Create a vision for your life and follow up with goals to achieve this vision.

While it may seem that the go-getter girl is obsessed with working all the time and getting recognized, what she's really obsessed with is building a vision for where she sees herself in the future. Notice, a vision isn't the same as a plan; a vision is more broad-based and fluid, whereas a plan is much more structured. Working with a vision in mind is very helpful, as it allows us to take a deep dive into the future and almost work backward to figure out what we should be doing today if we want to achieve our vision 10, 20, or even 40 years from now. A great idea is to create checkpoints for every year or decade of life to make sure that we're on track to achieving what we set out to achieve for ourselves. Another great idea is to create a vision board full of pictures of women doing exactly what you see yourself doing. We should all be inspired by the go-getter girl's commitment to her vision and goals.

Engage your passions with your profession to create a blend of experiences that's just you.

As we grow up, more and more of us lose track of our passions. For some of us it may be golf, and for others it's dance. Whatever it may be, we should hold on to our passions and find a way to integrate them into our professions. I've always noticed that the go-getters regularly manage to combine their passions into their work so that they're fulfilled and happy. Making sure that we focus on our passions even at work enables us to feel enriched, excited, and very enthusiastic. Think back to when we were kids, we all had that one thing we couldn't live without doing. Maybe it was enjoying the outdoors, or maybe creatively thinking of new drawings for art class. I guess growing up, becoming an adult, and life in general takes first priority and we almost forget what truly makes us happy. We owe it to ourselves to manage to integrate our passions into our work. Share with me how you plan to make this happen.

So there you have it, ladies. A go-getter girl believes something within her is greater to overcome obstacles, creates a vision for her life, works to set goals to achieve that vision, and engages her passions with her professions to remain authentic to her true self.

What are the top three qualities that make you a go-getter girl?

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