Inside the Mind of Miss New Jersey USA 2017

Chhavi Verg, Miss New Jersey USA 2017
Chhavi Verg, Miss New Jersey USA 2017

Chhavi Verg is the newly crowned Miss New Jersey USA 2017. Recently, I caught up with Chhavi when she came to Princeton after earning the title. What impressed me most about this intelligent young lady was her mindset and attitude. She is still a student, but her drive has even helped her launch an online fitness business.

Here is part of our conversation:

Ed: How important is it to do charity work?

Chhavi: It’s part of why I wanted to compete. Now that I have a following, I have more opportunity and power to influence change. I want to make a difference. We only have one life, so if you can do something and help someone out, you should. This, in turn will enrich your own life as well.

E: What are your goals during your reign?

C: I plan on working on women’s empowerment and equality, specifically in children’s education.

E: How does it feel to represent our great state?

C: It’s an honor, but the truth is, it’s not just about the crown and sash; it’s about how I can use this new-found power to help change the world and make the world a better place. This title is an honor AND responsibility.

E: Do you ever get insecure or lack confidence?

C: Absolutely. When I was at pageant orientation, I saw all these beautiful girls, and I thought, “How can I compete against them?!?" We all get insecure at times, but I knew that fear was normal, so I paused and said to myself that I deserved to be there and that it was just me versus me.

E: Tell me more about your mindset...

C: I feel what’s more valuable than the crown itself was the preparation and process prior to the competition. I learned so much about myself during that period. I wanted to bring my best self to the stage, so I worked on figuring out what I was all about and how I could improve myself. After all, how can you bring your best self if you don’t feel your best?

E: What other words of wisdom do you have for those readers looking to achieve success in their respective lives?

C: Dream big.  Always believe in yourself, and remember that the only limits you have are what you believe in your mind. When you have the right mindset, ANYTHING is possible.

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