Inside The Secret Sisterhood Of Women Who Worked At Playboy

"Whatever hostility was directed at Hefner, bunny ears and tails and all of that stuff, had absolutely zero impact on working there."​

When asked, I will always tell people the best job I've ever had as a writer was working for Playboy magazine in 2008. At the time, I was just starting out as a online media reporter, penning eight posts a day for $12.50 per post, a position I felt lucky to have landed. Like nearly every other person working in media that year, I was caught up in the all-encompassing excitement of the 2008 election and the simultaneous rise of online journalism. I was familiar with Playboy's illustrious journalism history -- its "read it for the articles" bylines are a veritable who's who of New Journalism heavyweights.

One day, I cold-pitched the then-Editor-in-Chief Chris Napolitano the idea of doing a political blog. Playboy had next to no Internet presence at the time, and I thought it would be smart to have a woman covering an election in which a woman was running for president. After months of back and forth-ing -- Playboy had sold their web domain years before (a decision that would soon contribute to their near ruination) and was only then in the process of getting it back -- my proposal was green-lighted.


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